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About us

Bikudo Travel is a small family run travel company founded on the fundamental travel values of adventure and authentic experiences

Our roots and experience goes back to 1990 and we've been passionate about travelling ever since. We want to use that passion to create unique adventures and provide great service and travel advice for our customers. 

We see it as a privilige to be able to help people realising their greatest adventures and we want to make it as easy as possible to travel independently. 

To do so we operate Travel Centers together with our local partners. Here, we have representatives available on selected destinations to help in any way possible with our customers' journey. 

To learn more about Bikudo Travel, our history and the family behind continue reading below.

Enjoy the adventure!

What does Bikudo mean

As we were contemplating what to call our company, we found that we wanted something that resembles our idea of travelling, which is rooted in authentic experiences. As such, we came up with the idea of naming the company after a small village or place somewhere in the most authentic country we knew - India. 

As we were planning a trip to Ladakh in Northern India we started to look for small authentic villages and found Bikudo and it just stuck with us. As such, Bikudo Travel was born. 

Get to us know a bit better

As a new and small family owned travel company from Denmark it is important for us to show who we are. To have your trust in us to plan your adventure means the world to us. It is our believe that gaining someones trust is just so much easier, when you explain a little bit about yourself and show who you are. 

Through our social media channels we strive to show who we are, how we travel in sharing some of our greatest adventures and best travel advice. If you are curious to know more, scroll through our Instagram account below and continue to read on to get to know us a little bit better. 

What do we do? 

We love to travel, we love to make new experiences and we love authentic adventures. But most of all, we love to inspire and help others with their own authentic adventures. 

we have created numerous suggest itineraries that we can customise to suit your needs. On top of that we offer easy pick & choose tours that you can combine with our suggested itineraries, use as building blocks for your own itinerary or just pick and choose the one that you love. Since we can't predict everyones preferences we are also more than happy to tailor make your next adventure to fit you.

Our history

Bikudo was founded in 2020, but our roots go back to the mid 80's. Back then, two young travel enthusiasts, Mogens and Birgitte, started a small travel agency in Denmark with a focus on individual traveling and off the beaten path adventures. Under the guiding principle "we have nothing for sale", meaning great customer service and free travel advice cost you nothing together with a strong focus on values, they developed one of the most admired travel brands in Denmark. 

In the early 90s Mogens and Birgitte had their first son, Frederik and later Simon came into this world. While Frederik was only just a year and a half old, they moved to Thailand to establish their first off shore business venture - a small travel center in Bangkok. During that time they lived in a small apartment in Chinatown where Frederik went to kindergarden. Rumour has it he spoke Thai before he spoke Danish. 

A couple of years later Frederik spent his 3 year old birthday on an old sailing boat in Venezuela with a visit from the local tribe who, according to Mogens and Birgitte, knew how to throw a birthday party. 

During the late 90s and start 00s Mogens and Birgitte took their two kids on many adventures and it is no surprise that they have been smitten by an adventurous lust in their adult life. 

Today Simon and Frederik have begun a new adventure with Bikudo Travel. With the help of Mogens and Birgitte, they are focusing on the same values and passion for adventure which started it all. 

A passion for travel and adventure is well and truly ingrained in their DNA and thus also in the DNA of Bikudo Travel. It is that passion for new adventures which drives everyone involved with Bikudo Travel to promote and deliver great experiences for all our travelers. 

Why travel with us

1. Because everyone deserves a great adventure and honest travel advice.

2. We always look for unique experiences and create our itineraries with our local partners.

3. As a result we offer great and authentic adventures designed and delivered to best explore your next destination.

4: We have a long tradition of taking good care of our travellers and provide great customer service through our Travel Centers.

We see it as a big privilege and responsibility to be able to help people fulfil their travel dreams. That's why we want to take the time it takes to plan a great adventure to make sure we've done all that we can do so that you get a great experience. 

We know the importance of a personalised and professional approach so that you have the best possible experience planning your next adventure. 

Our mission

It is our mission at Bikudo Travel to enrich people through authentic adventures and great experiences. We strive to do this by sharing our passion and curiosity for travel.

We are armed with curiosity for exploring the unknown and we are always on the lookout for new ways of exploring a country. This passion is exactly what we want to share with other travellers.

Our values

The core values of Bikudo Travel are curiosity, passion and open-mindedness, and they are fully integrated in our DNA and way of operating.

We are curious by nature which is our driving force when exploring new destinations, regions and new tours. We strive to find the lesser known places which are often home to authentic adventures and experiences. We turn our curiosity into authentic adventures and share them with you.

Our products, services and ideas originate from a passion to travel and widen our horizon. We develop and select our products and services carefully to ensure we can vouch for them. We are passionate when it comes to travel, and we are always looking for someone to share our passion with.

At Bikudo Travel we are open minded. It may sound like a cliché, but nonetheless it is true. Saying yes and being openminded is what lead you to authenticity, unexpected experiences and broaden your horizon. We believe that our open-mindedness is the key to give and enrich people with authentic adventures and great experiences.

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Ever since I tried diving the first time, I've been completely hooked! I booked a liveaboard tour with Bikudo to Similan Island in Thailand and it was simply a great adventure!