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General FAQ:

What are Pick & Choose Tours?

  • Pick and choose products are a large selection of tours, which you can buy as single tours. These are targeted to those who have already planned their trip but are looking for adventures and experiences in certain destinations and cities. You can either choose a single experience like a bike tour in Bangkok or combine several experiences to create your own journey.

    Find the tours here where you can sort the tours by destinations and tour styles. 

What are Suggested Itineraries?

  • Our suggested itineraries are perfect for the independent traveler who is looking to travel solo or with a bunch of friends or family. 

    We have carefully selected a route based on our own travel experience and our local partners’ know-how and crafted a tour with a selection of included experiences and added in plenty of free time as well.

    The suggested itineraries can be used as inspiration for your next travel or as a complete travel route. These can save you a lot of time and research as they are well tested and approved by travelers. Take a look at the suggested itineraries here

What is a Tailor Made Tour?

  • We can create the tour to suit your exact needs with our tailor made tours. Just let us know, what you need and we will do our best to accommodate your thoughts and ideas. Contact us here to tell us about your plans.

Can I Customize a trip?

  • Our Suggested Itineraries are fully customizable, but not our Pick & Choose as these are single experiences. Our suggested itineraries are created by us an can be modified. You may also get a fully tailor made tour. Contact us here for more information

Do I need a travel visa?

  • It is your responsibility to determine whether or not a travel visa is required for your travel destination. We do not advice about visa application. For some destinations you may not need a visa and for others you need one. It depends on the travel destination and your nationality. You can check here if you need a visa. 

Do I need a vaccination?

  • It is important that you receive the most accurate and up-to-date vaccination and travel health information for the country and region you will be visiting. We cannot advice on this topic but can only refer to your personal doctor for professional consultation. 

Can I cancel a tour?

  • You can always cancel a tour, but we cannot guarantee if you are eligible for a refund. Please see our Terms & Conditions for our cancelation policy.

Is tipping included in the tour?

  • No. Tipping is not included in the price for the tours. For every tour you can find specific information about what is included and not included in the price.

What type of transportation is used on Suggested Itineraries?

  • We strive to use public and local transportation as much as possible. For some regions it is not possible or very difficult to reach a destination by public transportation so we use private transfers.

Is there a tour leader on Suggested Itineraries?

  • Our suggested itineraries are independent travels. There are a guide on all included experiences, but you are yourself responsible to make your way from A to B.

What happens if I miss my transportation on a Suggested Itinerary?

  • It is your responsibility to make all booked transportation on time. We would like to remind you that we operate in countries where public transportation can be unreliable and encourage all travelers to check up on local transportation before departure. If you miss a connection, we will do all we can to help you onwards but are not reliable for any additional costs. For more information read our Terms & Conditions.

Can I leave the tour earlier?

  • You can leave a tour anytime, but it will be at your own expense. We cannot give any refunds for a tour that has begun and ended prematurely. For more details see our Terms & Conditions.

Can I join a tour after it has begun?

  • None of our tours are run on fixed dates and can usually be booked every day. If you are part of a group and you need to meet up with them later, that is usually possible. For more information get in touch with us here.

Are flight tickets included in the price?

  • Overseas flight tickets are not included and we cannot issue flight tickets. For some tours, domestic flights are included and will be mentioned in the “included” section under Tour Details of the specific tour.

I like the suggested itinerary, but I want to change, add or remove something – what to do? 

  • Our suggested itineraries are flexible and are called “suggested” because it is our suggestion and you can take it as it is or make changes. You can always include your own ideas. When you find the tour you like, just leave a comment when requesting the tour and we will do our best to accommodate.

Can I add an extra day or night in the beginning or in the end of my trip?

  • The simple answer is yes. We can help you add days in the beginning or in the end of the tour. Please inform us about which tour you want to book and when you want to go. Contact us here.

What kind of luggage do you recommend?

  • We recommended travelers to have a backpack as luggage as our tours and itineraries have a predominately focus on adventure. You will often travel by train, boat, bus or other kinds of public and local transportation. To this purpose a backpack is good as it is moveable and easier to carry compared to a suitcase.

Can I book a group tour?

  • We don’t have preset group tours on fixed dates, but we can always facilitate a tour for a larger group. We will be more than happy to help plan a tour for a group. Please contact us by clicking here and tell us your requirements and relevant information.

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