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The most important ingredient to a great adventure tour is the people behind it. To us, being in the travel industry, is a large responsibility as we help many people realise their dreams of exploring foreign countries and different cultures. For some, it's a dream of a lifetime which require that we get it absolutely right. That is so much more difficult, if we don't have the right people to ensure a high quality of service and some awesome tours to choose from. That's why we value our local partners highly and carefully select the people we choose to work with. Further, we need the right employees to deliver the service we require of them and finding the right products that our customers require of them to make the overall travel experience as awesome as possible. 

The right employee for the right job is a must, but what is the right employee? A common characteristic for all of us is that we are all travel nerds. We love to explore and travel, and are always in the process of planning the next trip. We love to talk about past adventures and share our experiences to help plan future adventures whether for us, you or to develop new tours for our website. 

Our local partners are essential to us. We can have the best employees, but without our local partners to help us find the best adventures, we are not going anywhere. We need good relationships with our partners to ensure good and high-quality tours as well as local know-how. We strive to work with smaller and local operators to ensure local expertise. We have found that the best experiences are created in collaboration with local entrepreneurs who has a genuine love for their community and who support the local people and the environment surrounding them. Also, this promotes the authentic experiences, which is what we love the most. Therefore, we nurture and work closely together with local entrepreneurs.

Customers are the main reason for us to operate. To be able of provide people with memorable experiences and authentic adventures is what we are here to do and what we love. Our goal is to deliver high quality adventures for all our customers and we're not satisfied before you are.

We strongly believe in human relations on all levels of our business and we are happy to support small local businesses by bringing adventurous travellers of the beaten track.   

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Once in a lifetime experience

I had the most amazing trekking tour to Stok Kangri in India last summer. It was simply one of the best experiences in my life. I can highly recommend to book a trekking tour through Bikudo Travel.