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Visiting India is a sensational experience on so many levels and is almost guaranteed to surprise you. Indulge in one of the world’s best cuisines or explore the stunning countryside from the great Himalayas in the north to the beautiful shores of the south. Be amazed by the cultural diversity and way of life in this colorful part of the world. India truly has a lot to offer for adventure seekers.

To make your travels easier we have our own Travel Center in either Delhi or Kochi where you can drop by anytime for a free travel talk and travel advice for India. 

We are also more than happy to Tailor Make your trip. 

An intimate look at an expansive country

Travelling through India guarantees you’ll witness all kinds of relics from an ancient history and a culture unlike any other. 

India’s history is violent and beautiful, diverse and plentiful, and hard to. India is composed of many different cultures, as shown by the more than 400 official languages of this great nation.

Discover this 10-day trip that goes from ancient to adventure throughout North India (without having to learn all 400 languages first). 

From the birth of Guru Nanak in late 1400s and the Portuguese landing in Kochi in 1498 to the Moghul empire and British rule, India’s history is unique and is evidenced by sculptures and buildings, churches and colonies.

Travelling through India is a glimpse into the past almost everywhere you go. To get a bit more insight to the hugely interesting history of India read more here.

Your taste buds are your tour guide

Indian food is famous the world over for its many flavors and levels of spice. The variety of flavors, spices and food in general is amazing. You could travel to India solely for the culinary experience (and, honestly, you probably should!). 

It’s also a vegetarian’s paradise. Depending on where you travel, you may have no other choice to embrace this lifestyle. Rest assured though, there’s also plenty of options for the non-vegetarians!

Try this trip - 9 days eating and exploring through India’s Golden Triangle (Day 5 is indescribably cool).

Curries are loved all over India but there are differences to the Indian cuisine based on where you travel. North India usually enjoys their food together with bread (the most delicious bread on earth!) while the south mainly has rice as their main dish.

Dhal, however, is a dish which unites the country. It is served everywhere, and it is delicious! To really get a feel for the Indian cuisine, go on a cooking course or a food tour to get to know how to navigate Indian food (you can’t go to India without trying the Chai (tea) and Lassi (sweet or salty). 

Remember, it is always a good idea to bring hand sanitizer with you, not only for your hands but also plates and cutlery to avoid the infamous Delhi belly. 

Clear your mind in India’s captivating countryside

As the second largest country in Asia, India has a diverse nature not many other countries can brag about. 

With the majestic Himalayan mountains, dry deserts of Rajasthan, beautiful shores of the south, steaming tropical jungles and much more, India really has something on offer for nature lovers of all kinds.

Without a doubt, India is one of the most diverse, beautiful, hectic, messy and absolutely captivating countries we’ve experienced, and we love it!   

And if you’re looking to go deeper into this country’s fascinating countryside, this trek captures it all, taking you from epic hikes to experiencing essential Hinduism.

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