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Tugged in between Thailand, China, Vietnam and Cambodia, Laos is the perfect destination to combine with any of these destinations. Unlike many of its neighbours though, Laos does not have any coastline or vibrant cities. It does, however, have tropical nature in abundance, which is why Laos is the perfect (!) adventure destination. Visit this beautiful country for its raw nature, roaring rivers and visit remote villages.

Travelling to Laos equals authentic adventures and our tours and travel suggestions emphasise this. It is Asia in slow motion with old traditions, breath-taking nature and a rich culture. It's also the place in SE Asia for the seekers! River rafting for days, cave exploring and canyoning as well as world class ziplining in both north and south ensure Laos is the go-to destination if you are looking for an adrenaline rush in South East Asia!

Feel a connection that goes beyond WiFi

If you love nature, Laos is the place for you. 

This country represents countless shades of green, including jungle, glowing emerald rice fields, spectacular waterfalls and glistening tea leaves that blanket the mountains. 

The impressive nature is also home to a large range of outdoor activities such as kayaking, climbing, cycling, ziplining and trekking. Set your adrenaline junkie free and try the different adventures (like seeing this untouched cave and mysterious shrine). 

Besides having great nature, Laos is at the forefront in Southeast Asia when it comes to ecotourism. There are many community-based tourist initiatives to ensure responsible travel. 

Furthermore, the country focuses on protecting areas from a negative impact to maintain the wild and exotic wildlife.

Take part in timeless traditions

Often, experiencing local culture and traditions are a big part of travelling to a new destination. 

A friendly population makes the experience a little more enjoyable. That is very much true for visiting Laos with loads of opportunities for some great cultural experiences. 

Exploring indigenous villages brings you close to local living. If you haven’t explored village life before, you’ve got to immerse yourself in these local villages in Laos.

Recharge your spiritual side

Explore ancient temples and immerse yourself in Lao’s spiritual side. 

The laid-back attitude and relaxed atmosphere are characteristic for the local people with plenty of options of spa sessions or yoga classes. 

The laid back vibe is  also characteristic for how people go about their everyday which you can experience first hand on this great homestay experience!

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