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Nepal is once again open for tourism - You can find about entry requirements and more here.

Our tours and travel suggestions takes you from the bustling streets of Kathmandu to the summits of the Himalayas and the lush forests of the southern national parks in search for tigers and other amazing wildlife. 

To make your travels easier we have our own Travel Center in Kathmandu. Talk to our local team and get the latest updates and advice on how to travel Nepal right now. 

We are also more than happy to Tailor Make your trip. 

What you don’t know about the world’s most famous mountain

There’s more to Nepal than you know. Of course, the country is home to the world’s highest mountain, Mount Everest, and seven more 8000 meters peaks around the country. 

This makes the country one of the best and greatest trekking destinations in the world. But even though the country is known for the high peaks, it also offers great trekking tours for beginners.

While Nepal is known as the paradise for trekkers and mountains lovers – it is also one of the main attractions for people travelling to Nepal. 

(And remember… what goes up must come down… in style with this paragliding tour!)

The trekking tours come in many levels and in varying durations. We highly recommended visitors of Nepal to join a trek either a short or long one as the experience is unique. This 9-day Mardi Himal Trek is the perfect place to start.

From the trekking trails you can see the beauty of Himalaya while you have time to immerse yourself in nature and the surroundings. Just remember - a middle fitness level is recommended as it’s a physical challenge to trek for many hours. 

Captivating Kathmandu

The majority of all travellers start and end their tour from Nepal’s capital, Kathmandu, as it is the one and only international airport into the country (unless you are crossing the Tibetan or Indian borders by land). 

Take a couple of days in Kathmandu to relax and feel the chill atmosphere of the city. 

Shop the latest trekking gear and interact with other travellers and backpackers, a perfect mix of hippies, trekkers and adventurous souls from all over the world. 

Spend a couple of hours on a bicycle to explore the city. Before long, you’ll have seen just how fascinating and colourful the capital city is.

Crocodiles and kayaking in the shadow of Mt. Everest

Nepal may be synonymous with the Himalaya mountains and trekking, but there's so much more to this country. 

You have the mountains bordering China to the north and the lowland south of the mountain range bordering India is a whole different landscape. Here you’ll find wild and green national parks with exotic bird species, rhinos, tigers and crocodiles. 

Some of these national parks are amongst the finest in the world with Chitwan National Park leading the way. While others are packing for the summit, you can pack your paddle to prepare for some of Nepal’s world-class kayaking.


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