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Our tours and travel suggestions are aimed at the more adventurous side of Thailand, taking you to lesser visited places - like our own deserted island camping. 

To make your travels easier we have our own Travel Center in Bangkok where you can drop by anytime for a free travel talk and travel advice for Thailand. 

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Warm welcomes, good times, and smiles throughout

When arriving in Thailand you’ll be met and welcomed by smiles all over. 

The country is well known for its friendly population, always ready with a smile and a helping hand. Granted, due to the high number of tourists, it is not always the case when you roam about in the tourist’s hot spots (still, since you’ll likely need to travel through the capital, here’s a way to make the best of Bangkok).

However, teach yourself a few phrases of Thai and engage with the locals away from the hot spots and they’ll open up their arms and you’ll learn the true Thai culture which 100% lives up to its “land of smiles” tag.

Curry worth hurrying for

Probably the most popular cuisine in the world, this is THE destination for foodies. The street food you get here simply is as amazing as it is cheap and is a big part of the urban scenery.

Grab a plastic stool on the streets of Bangkok and take in the atmosphere around you as you enjoy your local Thai dish and a cold LEO. 

Experiencing the Thai cuisine through the eyes of the locals at either a local market or the side streets is a must if you want to experience the true flavours of Thailand.

Only know about Pad Thai? You’ve got to read about these other amazing Thai dishes.

Dip your toes in the ocean, dive into adventure

With its long coastline, Thailand is a paradise for those who love white-sand beaches and beautiful islands. 

The water is crystal-clear and filled with a myriad of marine life. Thailand is for good reason famed for its beautiful islands and tourists flock to these golden shores – but we’ve still managed to find a few beauties away from the crowds!

The nature in general is stunning and Thailand is also known for its beautiful jungles, mountains, waterfalls, national parks, limestone karsts, caves and much more. Go trekking, hiking or climbing in nature and discover another side of the country.

Or, even better, get certified to dive!


A place you’ll love - no matter who you are

Thailand is a destination for both families, solo travellers, backpackers, groups etc., which makes it a preferred travel destination in South-east Asia for a wide range of people. 

This is very much because of the ease of travel and the friendliness of the locals. The diversity of activities, sights, history and nature is another major attraction making Thailand loved and suitable for all travellers.

Trek through Thailand's unrivalled countryside - including a waterfall jump for those of you brave enough to jump!

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Trine, Testimonial
Great Diving Adventure!

Ever since I tried diving the first time, I've been completely hooked! I booked a liveaboard tour with Bikudo to Similan Island in Thailand and it was simply a great adventure!