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Travelling in Vietnam is characterized by a strong culture with a rich history, delicious food, small and local coffee shops, colorful scooters in the streets and beautiful nature. In recent years the tourism to Vietnam has increased a lot and the tendency is expected to continue. One of the reasons is that the country has unforgettable experiences for everybody – both solo travelers, backpackers and families. Go explore Vietnam now.

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Bring history to life

Interested in history and culture? If yes, put Vietnam on your bucket list. 

The culture is complex, diverse and represents a rich history, which still characterises the street scenery. When walking around the Vietnamese streets, you may notice that names pop up again and again on the streets of every city and town. 

These are a symbol for the national heroes who over the last 2000 years have led the country in its repeated expulsions of foreign invaders and whose exploits have inspired subsequent generations of patriots. 

You could spend a lifetime getting to know the history… but these 17 days would be a great start.

Learn and get to know more about the history and culture by travelling around the country by diving more into Vietnam's rich history here

Wake up to adventure

Vietnam is also a popular destination for nature lovers and offers excellent trekking and less strenuous walks. 

The north of Vietnam is known for the green hills, beautiful mountains, stunning rice terrace fields and the breathtaking bays as the famous Halong Bay. 

Pack your trekking and hiking clothes and boots and go explore nature either for half a day or longer. Prepare yourself that the main trails are very popular, and you may meet other trekkers or hiking groups – especially in the high season. 

To trek more remote paths, we recommend you find a local guide who can lead you.

When it comes to beaches, Vietnam has a great coastline with beautiful beaches. On the list of beautiful beaches, you will find Phu Quoc Island, Mui Ne Beach, An Bang Beach and so on.

To get the best of paradise, this trip takes you to hike Sapa and hang out in Halong Bay.

Phenomenal food that goes beyond pho

Who does not love trying the local food when coming to a new country? The Vietnamese cuisine is known for being one of the best worldwide. It combines and balances sweet and sour, crunchy and silky, fried and steamed, soups and salads. The streets are full of stalls and locals who are ready to offer you the next meal. Take a seat on a plastic chair or grab your next meal from the street food stalls.

Vietnam is not only known for the food. Try a Vietnamese coffee and get your daily caffeine fix. Coffee was originally brought to Vietnam by the French. Since then the locals have been adopted into a local culinary tradition. Taste the different variations of coffees such as yoghurt coffee and egg coffee.

Are you a fan of pho? Want to turn a baguette into a banh mi? Learn more about the incredible Vietnamese cuisine here

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