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Best time to visit Vietnam

Vietnam spans various climate zones with its 1,650 Km from North to South, making it impossible to classify one single season for the country. However, if you want to travel the entire country from north to south or vice versa we recommend you do this between September – November and March – April.

Temperatures are usually pleasant during this time of year with limited rainfall for the entire country. Below is a guide for North, Central and South Vietnam for the best time to visit Vietnam:

North Vietnam (Hanoi, Sapa and Halong Bay):

From the bustling city of Hanoi to the mountainous area in the far north to the world famous Halong Bay, North Vietnam is a glorious and adventurous destination, but you need to know when to go as this part of the country gets cold during the winter – as in really cold. The reason being is the high humidity which makes it feel much colder than it actually is. Here’s the best time to go:

  • December – March: The weather is cold and cloudy during this time of year. It tends to get misty as well giving a mythical vibe to the landscape. Halong Bay especially can be truly beautiful surrounded in the morning mist but remember to bring your warmest clothe as it gets extremely cold. Also, you avoid the otherwise touristed crowds at this time of year.
  • April – June: Warm weather and sunny blue skies best describe this time of year. Late March start April would be a good time to visit as temperatures are more pleasant.
  • July – August: Hot, humid and rainy. The summer in North Vietnam can be quite relentless with temperatures reaching 40 degrees, high humidity and the rainy season in full swing.
  • September – November: We’re getting back to somewhat humane temperatures and climate. Another great time to visit North Vietnam.

Best time to go: North Vietnam is best in either Spring (March and April) and again in Fall (September to November).

Central Vietnam (Hoi An, Hue, Na Trang):  

Central Vietnam is a glorious place to travel with beautiful nature and a pristine coastline with charming and beautiful cities to visit. You can divide this region in two seasons; the dry season and the rainy season.

  • September – February: It can get cold during the winter months but most characteristically for this time of year is the heavy rainfall and strong (!) winds that comes with the typhoon season.
  • March – August: The weather is nice, hot and humid with clear sunny skies for most of the time. March is a great time to visit Hoi An, among other places, as the fields and gardens are blossoming and colorful.

Best time to go: March to August is when we would recommend you to go to Central Vietnam with March to April/May be the preferred time as May – August gets extremely hot.

Bonus info: Na Trang sees on average of about 300 days of sun each year and have the shortest rainy season in Vietnam.

Southern Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City, Mekong Delta, Phu Quoc):

Another beautiful region of Vietnam and home to the popular tourist destination and tropical island Phu Quoc. South Vietnam can also be divided in two seasons, the wet and the dry season, however you can travel here year round.

  • May – November: Hot and humid with temperatures relatively consistent around 30 degrees. Expect a daily afternoon downpour lasting a few hours at least. Some travellers prefer this time of year as there are less tourists and the tropical rain is a nice addition to keep temperatures and pollution levels down. Also, the landscape is in full blossom mode and the occasional thundercloud is a beautiful addition to the landscape (from a distance of course).
  • December – April: Hot and humid with clear sunny skies. This is the best time to visit and is also considered the high season, especially late November to late February during the dry season. If you are heading out to Phu Quoc the weather is perfect in December and January.

Best time to go: South Vietnam can be (by some at least) classified as a year-round destination but generally speaking going December – February is considered to be the best time to go.


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