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Introduction To Vietnamese Food

For many, local food is an important part of travelling to a new country and a big part of the overall experience and that is no different for Vietnam. The Vietnamese cousin includes some world-famous dishes and plenty of options that will satisfy the explorative foody! 

Inspired by years of foreign occupation and clashes of cultures, the Vietnamese cuisine have many characteristics from other food cultures and in particular the French cuisine. 

Vietnamese food is the perfect combination of sour and sweetness, crunchy and smooth textures, fried and steamed. All mixed with lot of greens and herbs to make the right flavour and some fresh dishes. 

Below we'll give you an introduction to some popular dishes.

Pho (Vietnamese noodle soup)

Pho is probably the most well-known dish in Vietnam. It’s a delicious noodle soup and comes with either beef (Pho Bo) or chicken (Pho Ga) and plenty of vegetables and herbs. It is a popular street food in Vietnam and a favourite among locals. This dish is synonymous with Vietnam. Pho is everywhere anytime of the day. From breakfast cafés to late night dinner on the curb, pho is impossible to miss. And rightly so as it is extremely delicious and usually very cheap. 

This is best served on a tiny plastic stool in a small curbside restaurant together with the locals. 


Banh Mi (French inspired stuffed baguette)

Banh Mi is another fan favourite and a lovely mix of classic French and Vietnamese cuisine. Banh Mi is Vietnamese for baguette and comes in many different variations. If you are curious about the many different Banh Mi's this list is pretty extensive.

It's a crusty baguette and frequently stuffed with pork and local vegetables such as chilli, pickles and cilantro and comes typically with mayonnaise. Like Pho, you'll find street kitchens on every street corner selling Banh Mi and several small restaurants have 15+ variations. Needless to say it's popular and extremely delicious! 


Goi Cuon (fresh spring rolls)

The world-famous Vietnamese fresh spring rolls is another traditional dish in Vietnam you can’t miss when here. It's a delicious starter or snack and consists typically of meat (chicken, pork, shrimp), noodles, fresh vegetables and herbs wrapped tightly in rice paper. A very fresh and "greenish" snack that, served with the right dipping, is hard not love! 

Bun Bo Nam Bo (beef and rice noodles)

This noodle dish consist of cold vermicelli noodles typically with thin slices of grilled beef (yum!), fried shallots, bean sprouts, peanuts, fresh vegetables and herbs. If you think that sounds delicious it's because it is! Not as popular as the above dishes, but something you shouldn't miss while in Vietnam. 

Ca Phe Trung (egg coffee)

Okay, so this isn't exactly Vietnamese food, but it deserves a mention here! Vietnamese Ca Phe Trung, or egg coffee, is extremely delicious however weird it sounds. Egg coffee is whipped egg served over hot coffee which makes for a very creamy and tasty cup of coffee. 

Vietnamese loves coffee and they produce coffee in abundance. In fact, Vietnam is the second largest exporter of coffee in the world. Strolling through the old quarter of Hanoi you'll find coffee shops everywhere and some very, very cozy once as well, which probably comes from the French influence. Try and find one of the more hidden coffee shops where the locals venture and order a cup of Ca Phe Trung - you won't regret it. 

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