We have a long tradition of taking good care of our travellers upon arrival to a new destination. We do this with the help of our local partners through our joint Travel Centers. 

The idea behind our Travel Centers is to give new arrivals a "soft landing" by providing a place where they can come and get all their questions answered and all concerns addressed. Through our local partners, we can provide expert local knowledge, help arrange transportation and book tours for your next destination.

Come down to our local office after your arrival for a talk about your plans and let us help you get an unforgettable journey. 

Sri Lanka Travel Center (Colombo)

Our Travel Center in Colombo, Sri Lanka is located in the lobby of the small charming guest house, Chapelton House. It is just off the main road in downtown Colombo and not far away from the beach. Here you'll find our local partner team, who are more than capable of helping you with most your needs for your Sri Lanka Adventure! 

India Travel Center (Delhi)

India is as beautiful and mesmerising as it is chaotic and we are so ever grateful for our local tema here in Delhi. Located just off the Main Bazar close our preferred hotels our local Travel Center is right where the action is. Drop by the office for a friendly chat on everything India and your upcoming Adventure.

Thailand Travel Center (Bangkok)

Bangkok is huge and the possibilities here are endless - just as with the rest of Thailand! Drop by our local Travel Center here for a chat on anything from the best nearby bar to planning your whole Thailand itinerary. Our local team knows many great secrets in and around Bangkok and are happy to share!

Vietnam Travel Center (Hanoi)

Vietnam is a great adventure destination and Hanoi is an awesome city to explore! Our Hanoi Travel Center is located right in Old Quarter which is the hot spot for travellers to stay. Our local team here knows just about everything there is to know about Hanoi and Vietnam and are more than ready to answer your questions and help plan your Vietnam adventure. 

India Travel Center (Kochi)

Kerala is one of the most popular states in India for tourists and Kochi is the main gateway to this beautiful place. Jiju is our local hero in Kochi, helping travellers from afar with their South India adventure plans. Our Travel Center is located in a charming small side alley in the Fort Kochi area.

Nepal Travel Center (Kathmandu)

Kathmandu can be a culture shock for many first comers but the location of our Travel Center is like a home away from home. Stay at the cozy and family run Highlander Inn. Here you will find our awesome Nepalese team ready to help you with any inquiry. 


what our travellers say

Trekking in Nepal

I went on a great first-time hike in the beautiful nature of Himalaya, Nepal. The trip was very well planned and the guides were very friendly and professional. I would definitely recommend traveling with Bikudo!